Technology helping to find partners for relationship is slowly being responsible to increase the rate of STD as well. As per CDC latest report, it is known that men having sex with other men, has higher chances of getting infected by STD, particularly African American and Latino men. A new study has found a link between the STD infection rates and the methods that these men use to find sexual partners.

According to Gordon Mansergh, PhD, a senior scientist at the CDC, they have found in a study, which they conducted on 853 males from Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City, Missouri, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida indicated that they had engaged in sex with at least 1 man during the previous year. These men, mostly recruited online or through community outreach (whatsapp group, gay dating sites  etc).

Overall observation is as follows

  • 23% of them agreed that they had dealt with STD last year
  • 33% of those who said they were HIV-positive & 17% tested negative
  • The percentage of samples who said they had an STD increased with the number of male partners in the prior 3 months, going from 14% of those who had not engaged in sex with another man to up to 41% of those who indicated they had been intimate with at least 10 partners.
  • STD rate was found to be higher in gay men(24%), than compared to the bisexual ones (15%)
  • Among the respondents, those who use technology to find their partners has higher rates of STD.
    • 36% of respondents who indicated that they had an STD used both the computer
    • 13% used either method but not both.

The reasons are not clear on why the increase in STD rates among the men using more than one means of technology to seek their partner compared to the one using just a single way.

Thus to conclude it is the area for future research.

While we don’t know if dating apps are contributing to HIV and STD infections, we do know that many people use dating apps to find and meet potential sexual partners. It’s important for people who use these apps to learn about ways to reduce their risk for HIV and STDs, communicate openly with their partners, get tested regularly, and seek treatment as appropriate.