Q I love incorporating toys when I have sex especially dildos and vibrators I also enjoy having sex with multiple partners hashtag variety for the win all my partners and I get tested regularly but I was just wondering is it possible to get infected from STD from sharing dildos signed

Technically, the answer is yes because STI’s are transmitted through bodily fluids like vaginal fluids and semen so on. For instance, if you have a dildo and you could penetrate your partner with it and then if it comes out of your private, it will be filled with their bodily fluids and then theoretically you stick it in yourself. Yes, you can transmit STD is like that. However, STI’s are very finicky creatures like what’s that perpetual myth that so many people come to accept.

Q Can I get STDs from toilet seats
All right, some people think that you can get chlamydia and gonorrhoea from like toilet seats or bath towels or being in a shared hot tub. The answer is wrong you cannot get STD. Is that easily ? when it’s out of its specific environment, so speaking of specificity, STI is required very specific environments to be able to thrive and do harm.

STD bacterias only survive inside the body, so, when you take the dildo out of your partner the STI starts to die within seconds to minutes. So that’s why I say technically. Yes, you can get us because that’s how it’s transferred but the moment it leaves the person’s body.It starts to die and the most important thing, to take away is to practice safe sex and yes that includes cleanup of the Sex toys.

Yes, it is technically possible for you to get STI’s from sharing toys with your partner, however, it’s highly unlikely it’s not impossible just highly unlikely.