Los Angeles is seeing a surge in the rate of STDs like never before. Hollywood town where Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and syphilis are now topping the charts. Just a decade after the city thought it had these health problems under control. Now experts in the field are blaming the popularity of online dating and so-called hookup apps for the sharp rise of such public health crises.

Data shows, the following trend in LA, that’s according to the County Health Department

  • 54,000+ are infected with chlamydia
  • 15,000 with gonorrhea
  • 5000+ with syphilis

 But who is most at risk?

Medical professionals say it’s primarily Millennials, specifically those under the age of 25 they’re the highest
incident rate. With the Millennial females to be particular now as the long-known rule goes that women can often carry STDs without ever showing any symptoms now that’s not to say that this is only a female problem or a millennial problem but rather this is an alarming public health issue not only for Los Angeles either but across the entire country.

The rate of STDs in all major cities across the states have risen with the advent and foreign popularity these online dating apps now for the City of Angels the County of Los Angeles where more than 12 million people call home there are only 12 public STD clinics to serve all of those people. So part of the surge can be blamed on the hard-to-reach and limited locations of these testing facilities in Los Angeles