Sacramento STD is on par with the STD rates of California. It’s unnerving to know that in California there’s been a 40% increase of STDs.
It’s one of the reasons 23 year old. Selena Rico has become less interested in sex, “it’s been months since I’ve gotten ladies I come out to the bars every night. I see the same people they leave with different people every single night. You just never know what someone’s gonna contract.STD image symptom testing can be as quick as 10 seconds. After this and STD testing, the results come back within 3 days. It helps prevent diseases from spreading when you know your status being that. I get tattooed often I still go pretty often, to get tested because what’s needles you just never know in Sacramento” .
According to the California Department of Public Health over a quarter million cases of STDs were reported in 2016 a 40 percent increase compared to five years ago chlamydia and gonorrhea rates are highest among people under age 30 the numbers are staggering but not surprising for outreach coordinator Gustavo Trejo at Kerr’s Community Health. He says that increases because they’re doing more thorough testing in previous years they mainly tested urine but they’re not testing the mouth and rectum where they’re finding more positive results
The Sacramento based Family Clinics gives out 10 million free condoms each year. Trejo says the uptick in syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia may be attributed to people being unaware of resources. Afraid to get tested or they may not have symptoms which are the most common in many STD.
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