National Institute of Health (NIH) which provides funding for research work on STD and related diseases is facing a proposed budget cut of around 18%. This news came in as a shock in the fraternity as according to the CDC’s latest report on STD rates in the country, indicating a all time high. Public health experts are expressing serious concern about the White House’s proposed 2018 budget, which would cut funding to governments health agencies and programs including CDC (Centre for disease Control).

The proposed rate cut will not just hinder the research work alone, but will also affect the economic growth for decades to come. As FDA observed a 31% cut in direct government spending, but that would be offset by nearly more than a billion, in user fees from drug & medical device companies, thus hampering the overall chain in economy.

Thus the part proposed budget cuts in HIV, STD and tuberclosis prevention is around $186 million. “More HIV infections will mean more suffering, more deaths and much higher health care costs,”

Such cuts will ” create massive rift in state public health funding, as states and local communities rely on these funds they receive from CDC every year.”

The CDC’s chronic disease prevention programs, such as those for diabetes, heart disease, stroke and obesity, would be cut by $222 million.

John Auerbatch, president of Trust for America’s Health said, “The proposed cut to CDC “would be perilous for the health of the American people, “From Ebola to Zika to opioid misuse to diabetes to heart disease, the CDC is on the front lines keeping Americans healthy.”

The slash in funding has affected, Planned parenthood the most , the family planning organisation carries out one third of nation’s abortion.It would bar the organization not only from Medicaid funding but also from any other Health and Human Services program, including the Title X family planning program, maternal and child health, STD testing and treatment, and Zika prevention.