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Body Safe Sex toys material types and ways to clean those.

What type of Sex toy material are safe? Sex toys are not regulated by the government and so toy manufacturers can really make the toys out of whatever material they want. So, we’re going to look at the safe sex toy materials that are good to go in your body. Also, putting new generation condoms¬†help to prevent STDs ad they¬†are made compatible with the sex toys like dildo, vibrator etc. Body safe silicone sex toys The first thing that we’re gonna start with is toys that can be sterilized and this means that you can submerge the toy for...

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STD FAQ : STI infection by sex toys

Q I love incorporating toys when I have sex especially dildos and vibrators I also enjoy having sex with multiple partners hashtag variety for the win all my partners and I get tested regularly but I was just wondering is it possible to get infected from STD from sharing dildos signed Technically, the answer is yes because STI’s are transmitted through bodily fluids like vaginal fluids and semen so on. For instance, if you have a dildo and you could penetrate your partner with it and then if it comes out of your private, it will be filled with...

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Can an STD Live on a Sex Toy? How to clean them up?

Questions like these are so common these days as people often found using Sex toys for many reasons, and the primary reason being, to protect or avoid any kind of STD infection. But again, the same question sneaks up, How safe is the use of Sex toys? these questions are not surprising especially after the skepticism of STD through toilet seats is still there in minds. But the answer of sex toys being safe is different from the infection of STD through a toilet seat. Let’s look more in detail. Can an STD Live on a Sex Toy? Yes,...

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