What type of Sex toy material are safe?

Sex toys are not regulated by the government and so toy manufacturers can really make the toys out of whatever material they want. So, we’re going to look at the safe sex toy materials that are good to go in your body. Also, putting new generation condoms help to prevent STDs ad they are made compatible with the sex toys like dildo, vibrator etc.

Body safe silicone sex toys

The first thing that we’re gonna start with is toys that can be sterilized and this means that you can submerge the toy for three minutes in a pot of boiling water and it will magically make all the bad things disappear or kill bacterias causing STDs.

So the first material very popular is body safe silicone. Silicone is a material that is soft to the touch, it feels much more lifelike and you can put it again in water to sterilize.If it has a vibrator portion (electronics) to it so you don’t actually want to submerge the whole toy. As this will damage the circuitry inside it, so just dipping the non-electronic portion is permitted.

Swexy 7.3 Inches PVC Realistic Dildo with Suction Base Safe and Environmental Protection Adult Toy

This is a silicone toy (Click above link) that you put on the top rack of the dishwasher, you could put in a pot of boiling water for three minutes. and it will be all clean and healthy to use.

Stainless Steel Sex toys

This is stainless steel stainless steel is one of the most magical materials that can go in the body because it’s super smooth so it drops right in just like just like butter. They are corrosion free, requires little or no lubrication. They  can be sterilized thus, they are safe

Glass sex toys

Glass sex toys/dildos can be sterilized pot of boiling water, top rack of the dishwasher you’re good to go and


Aluminum sex toys

So this is an aluminum toy will retain heat or coolness and again you can sterilize.

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Acrylic sex toys

In terms of toy materials that are good but can’t be sterilized because they won’t hold up to the boiling water, you want to be looking for toys that are made of acrylic. So the j-pop sex toy which has two balls of acrylic material.
But you don’t want to sterilize this in a pot of boiling water because it will destroy the toy part.

Plastic material sex toys

Plastic is a great option because it’s cheap, it delivers more vibration and it does not absorb any bacteria. So can’t be sterilized but doesn’t absorb bacteria as long as you wash it.

Elastomer material sex toys

So, the last material that we’re going to talk about is an elastomer. It can’t be sterilized but it doesn’t absorb any of the materials. It’s firm, type of material, if you want a lot of pressure, this is a great toy.

To recap, all of your options for body-safe materials you want to be going with silicone, aluminum, glass, stainless steel, that is if you want to sterilize the toy. If you’re like I just want to clean but I don’t have the time to sterilize you want to be looking at acrylic hard plastic or elastomer.