Author: Gary Anderson

Technology is helping create awareness about STD is also responsible for giving STD

Technology helping to find partners for relationship is slowly being responsible to increase the rate of STD as well. As per CDC latest report, it is known that men having sex with other men, has higher chances of getting infected by STD, particularly African American and Latino men. A new study has found a link between the STD infection rates and the methods that these men use to find sexual partners. According to Gordon Mansergh, PhD, a senior scientist at the CDC, they have found in a study, which they conducted on 853 males from Chicago, Illinois, Kansas City,...

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Health funds deducted by government, creating an alarming situation.

National Institute of Health (NIH) which provides funding for research work on STD and related diseases is facing a proposed budget cut of around 18%. This news came in as a shock in the fraternity as according to the CDC’s latest report on STD rates in the country, indicating a all time high. Public health experts are expressing serious concern about the White House’s proposed 2018 budget, which would cut funding to governments health agencies and programs including CDC (Centre for disease Control). The proposed rate cut will not just hinder the research work alone, but will also affect...

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Can an STD Live on a Sex Toy? How to clean them up?

Questions like these are so common these days as people often found using Sex toys for many reasons, and the primary reason being, to protect or avoid any kind of STD infection. But again, the same question sneaks up, How safe is the use of Sex toys? these questions are not surprising especially after the skepticism of STD through toilet seats is still there in minds. But the answer of sex toys being safe is different from the infection of STD through a toilet seat. Let’s look more in detail. Can an STD Live on a Sex Toy? Yes,...

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STD research : HPV Vaccination & Genital Warts: 2 Doses Are Just As Effective As 3 In Preventing STD

The HPV vaccinations used for prevention of HPV, genital warts infection and cancer in subsequent conditions in young girls and boys under 15 years of age. Now the new research has shown that 2 doses of the vaccination are just as effective as three doses in preventing genital warts. Last year CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) urged that all children under 15 years old receive only 2 doses of the HPV vaccine, thus the new research is backing this allegation of CDC. The research also highlights on the effectiveness of the vaccine. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention...

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