Author: Gary Anderson

STD FAQ : STI infection by sex toys

Q I love incorporating toys when I have sex especially dildos and vibrators I also enjoy having sex with multiple partners hashtag variety for the win all my partners and I get tested regularly but I was just wondering is it possible to get infected from STD from sharing dildos signed Technically, the answer is yes because STI’s are transmitted through bodily fluids like vaginal fluids and semen so on. For instance, if you have a dildo and you could penetrate your partner with it and then if it comes out of your private, it will be filled with...

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STD rate rising in Santa Barbara, California : Dating and Hook up apps to be blamed

The California Department of Public Health says cases of sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise on the Central Coast including the number of gonorrhea cases doubling and syphilis cases quadrupling in Santa Barbara County since 2011. The report says STD cases in California have risen by 40 percent in five years in Santa Barbara County specifically has one of the highest chlamydia rates in California. Well, this is not a new news to us it’s something we’ve been monitoring closely for a number of years. Susan Klein Rothschild is with Santa Barbara counties Department of Public Health. She says...

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Sacramento STD rates are high because of this reason.

Sacramento STD is on par with the STD rates of California. It’s unnerving to know that in California there’s been a 40% increase of STDs. It’s one of the reasons 23 year old. Selena Rico has become less interested in sex, “it’s been months since I’ve gotten ladies I come out to the bars every night. I see the same people they leave with different people every single night. You just never know what someone’s gonna contract.STD image symptom testing can be as quick as 10 seconds. After this and STD testing, the results come back within 3 days. It helps...

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World Health Organisation’s new warning : Gonorrhea becoming more resistant to antibiotics

After CDC’s bomb on the rise in the number of cases of STDs in the US, this time, it is the Word health Organisation’s (WHO) turn to give a bad news, it has issued a new warning stating strains of antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea which have grown resistant to antibiotics. Gonorrhea, known commonly as “the clap” or “the drip,” is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in today’s time, as there are more than 78 million registered cases every year. It has also been published that these strains spread through unprotected oral sex. Thus it is essential to use a condom during...

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STD prescription not only for patient, but also their partner.

In some states, patients who test positive for Chlamydia or Gonorrhea will get the prescriptions for themselves as well as their sexual partners. EPT is the delivery of medications or prescriptions by persons infected with an STD to their sex partners without clinical assessment of the partners. This EPT or expedited partner therapy has been allowed by 38 states across the United States as a public health measure, which advocates say goes a long way in preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) According to the statistical research conducted by University of Michigan, the states with the most permissible EPT laws will have most success...

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